Sunday, August 9, 2015

Devoted Doggy Premium Back Seat Cover for Dogs #DevoteDoggy

Have dogs? It's difficult keeping them in the back seat of your car, isn't it?  Some people crate, some don't. If you don't crate, then this Premium Quilted Back Seat Cover is definitely for you!

Our friends have a German Spitz named Yancy and he is a handful!  Very active and inquisitive, he doesn't like staying in one place when he's riding.  That poses a big problem for whomever is driving.  Yancy likes to move between the back and front seats.  That causes distractions and is quite the safety issue.

The Back Seat Cover serves as a hammock -- creating a barrier between the front and back.  Yancy can't move into the front seat making the drive safer for all.

The Devoted Doggy Premium Quilted Hammock / Back Seat Cover offers:

** Hammock Capability - Cover can be attached to front seat headrests to keep pet hair where it belongs

** Fits All Vehicles - 54 inches wide will fit in every car, truck, or SUV

** Deluxe Waterproof Quilting - Ensures your pet is comfortable and one of your largest investments is protected

** Easy Installation - Adjustable straps for headrests and seat anchors simplify installation

** Unique Non-Slip Backing - Reduces the chance of the cover sliding around under your pet

** 100% Lifetime Guarantee - If you have ANY issues please CONTACT US immediately

It's easy to install and remove: just attach at the head rests. It cleans up easily, too.  A clean, damp cloth will wipe away any grime.  It can also be vacuumed to remove pet hair.   DO NOT MACHINE WASH / DRY  -- you could permanently damage the anti-slip backing. If you must, put the cover into a tub with cool water and a bit of liquid detergent (I use Dawn) and swish it around.  Air dry on a flat surface.

You may purchase the Devoted Doggy Premium Back Seat Cover on

DISCLOSURE: I received the Back Seat Cover for the purpose of review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own experience with the item.

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