Monday, June 22, 2015

Smelly Towel Cleaner Review and Giveaway, Ends 7/6/15 #smellytowel

How can you tell if a brown, black, dark blue towel (or any towel, really) is clean?  You hold it to your nose and... inhale.

Towel not as clean as you thought?  Who knows why or how it got put back up on the rack.

Do you live with a smoker? That's not an odor you want lingering on your towels or freshly showered skin!

I live with a smoker.  The smell of that horrid nicotine permeates everything.  What removes such a persistent odor? Laundry detergent can mask the odor but really doesn't remove all traces and a slight residue is left behind.

I've been using a product that does remove all traces of odor from your towels: Smelly Towel Cleaner

I started using it a year or so ago. I didn't believe it would work the first time I tried it.  I was wrong.

When you open the bottle, the light fragrance draws you in -- fresh, light, and clean. It reminds me of  Orange Blossoms.

The directions call for one level cap full (one tablespoon) of Smelly Towel Cleaner powder to one load of towels and hot water to wash.

It works fabulously well!  No nicotine odor -- none!  The towels smell so good and so clean! Not only do they smell lovely but they were deep cleaned.  You won't need fabric softener, either.  Residue from soaps can cause clothes to feel a bit stiff and scratchy.  Smelly Towel Cleaner removes all built-up residue and rinses clear.  Clothes are naturally softer.

One bottle has 24 treatments for up to one year of fresh laundry. It retails for $14.99 for a 12 oz. bottle. That's an amazing value.

You may connect with the folks at Smelly Washer on their website and social media pages:
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The great folks at Smelly Washer have generously offered one of my readers the chance to win a bottle of Smelly Towel for their own!

Just follow the entry instructions below for your chance to enter to win!

***Follow all instructions carefully. Open to USA only, 18+.  No PO Boxes, please. All entries are verified. Giveaway Ends on July 6, 2015.***

I received a bottle of Smelly Towel Cleaner for the purpose of this review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item.


Deborah Caudill said...

I learned that this product works the first time you use it. It actually cleans your washing machine the first time you use it. It cleans the washer, as well as your towels, from any mold and mildew smell. It also gets rid of cigarette smells if you are a smoker or live with a smoker.

Maryann D. said...

I learned that Odor causing residue in clothes washers can be difficult to remove so the best way to clean any washer is to use a washer cleaner that can be added to laundry to clean the entire tub.
twinkle at optonline dot net

Unknown said...

I like that one bottle is good for a full year. I also like that low temps and detergent can cause odors to occur.

rochelle said...

I learned that it keeps you washer
smelling clean

susan said...

It kills bacteria.

ssjmommy said...

I learned that this product is very reliable and works every time. I love how it cleans out your machines. The towel cleaner sounds like a winner. I have thrown out so many things because of the odor.

Leela said...

Add a cap of cleaner either through the detergent dispenser (even liquid dispensers), or directly into the tub and run a cleaning, or soak cycle. If neither are available, use in a hot setting and push “pause” to allow a soak.

Sandy Cain said...

I learned that this has become more of a problem with the high efficiency machines. They DO save water and energy...but leave a residue behind. scain54(at)aol(dot(com)

Susan Christy said...

I found out I can buy this at my local ACE Hardware.