Thursday, June 25, 2015

Simple Health Self-Heating Knee Brace Review #simplekneebrace

In my experience with Happy Husband, my mom, and myself: the knees are the first to go.  Now, Mike works outside and it on his feet all day.  Mom is 71 and worked hard all of her life. Me? I'm overweight and have been for much too long -- the pressure on my knees has been causing problems for sometime.

It was with great anticipation that I took the opportunity to review the self-heating magnetic knee brace from Simple Health Global.  I was not disappointed.  I tried it for several days and it helped me immensely.

Then, my mom tripped and nearly fell because her knee gave out.  I knew what to do (as do all good daughters), I gave the brace to my mother.  :)

Mom loves this Knee Brace!  It helps support her knee and keep it straight.  The self-heating magnet gently warms and soothes the joints and ligaments of the knee.  She tells me her arthritis pain is minimal when she wears the brace.

In the photo above, you can see the adjustable strap.  The wearer can loosen or tighten as necessary. Made of  lightweight construction, the tourmaline fabric is softly cushioned against the skin to prevent rashes or irritation.

Let my Mom tell you in her own words:

I'm very pleased with the Simple Health Knee Brace and I am even more pleased with my Mom's results.  I really never thought that something as simple as self-heating brace would make my Mom more confident on her feet. It's a blessing.

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I received a Simple Health Knee Brace for the purpose of this review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item.

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Mom Knows Best said...

My teen gets knee problems from running. I wonder if this would help him.