Friday, April 9, 2010

Hi-Tec Multiterra TARGA -- A Mud-Encrusted Update!

Mike didn't have a rodman to help him out at the Canal Project this afternoon -- so he asked me to go. No problem. How hard could it be, right?

Oh. Crumb.

There was mud. Everywhere!. We had to walk in the muck a good 1/2 mile and then come back, staking along the way.

Yep... I wore my new Multiterra Targa HPi's from Hi-Tec. After all, I couldn't let Liz be the only one to have a fun mud-fest, now could I?

I only THOUGHT that these were amazing shoes -- now, I am even more convinced and impressed! I slogged through the mud, muck, and mire for 2 hours and my feet never once got wet and no mud ever seeped into those shoes.

When we got back to the Jeep, I just slipped them off, slapped them together to get
some of mud off, and tossed them in the back. My feet were clean and dry as I slipped on my sneakers.

I have to tell you -- Mike was very impressed. Jealous, too! I just rinsed my shoes off with the garden hose. What he's going to do with his workboots is anybody's guess.

Oh, and these shoes are comfortable! My legs are sore as heck but my feet don't hurt!

*sigh* I love these shoes.

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