Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Saint Clare, Patron Saint of Needleworkers (1193-1253)

Clare di Faverone was born into Nobility to a family of the town of Assisi. She was educated accordingly.
Assisi was known for its fine embroidery and, as part of her education, Clare would have learned how to demonstrate the most intricate patterns and stitches of that time.

Clare met Francis di Bernadone (Saint Francis of Assisi) and became a follower of his teachings. At eighteen, she discarded the privileges of her birthright to live the cloistered life of a nun.

Many years later, Clare became ill, and she spent the next 30 years as an invalid. In spite of her illness, she tried to be of service in whatever way she could. She turned to needlework. Accounts from that time tell that Clare was never idle, even in illness, and had herself propped up in bed so that she could stitch.

It is known that Clare spun flax into thread, and after the linen was woven, she made altar linens for many of the churches around Assisi.

The Feast of St. Clare is celebrated on August 11. 

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