Wednesday, July 15, 2015

RPM² Technology: Remote Performance Measurement and Monitoring

RPM2 is a new, innovative Footbed Power Meter.  Cyclists and Runners may now measure the bi-lateral equivalence of their legs and use that information to help correct their mechanics and form.

Athletes, amateur and professional, understand that proper mechanics increases performance and potentially reduces injury.

RPM2 is specifically engineered to enhance an athlete’s performance by providing data related to gait, range of motion, force, and power.
Detailed reports help you to develop exercise routines, strength, and conditioning exercises to achieve optimal performance.

RPM2 is technologically advanced but still user-friendly.  After purchasing the Footbeds, the user simply downloads the app and begins implementing the total program. Downloading our app is easy! If you have an Android operating system, simply visit Google play on your phone or tablet. Click on app “Markets” and search for “RPM2”. Click install and our app will be accessible on your phone.

If you have an Apple operating system, all you have to do is visit your app store on your phone or tablet and search for “RPM2”. Once your see our app, click “install” and you’re set.

RPM2 has established a partnership with Olympic champion and world record holder, Michael Johnson, and his athletic training organization, Michael Johnson Performance, Inc., to continue to enhance the functionality of the device.
By combining our revolutionary and patented technology, the coaches at MJP can help athletes achieve bilateral equivalence with smooth, fluid bio-mechanical movements.

For better performance, you can rely on RPM2 to give you the best information available.

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