Monday, July 13, 2015

Pick 1/73 Social Soap Review #Soapdotclub

I love trying new soaps with new fragrances! It always makes me feel like I'm at a Spa! So, I was really thrilled to have the chance to review a soap from The Soap Club.

They have so many deliciously fragrant soaps.  I lost count!  I admit, it took a while to pick a soap to try. I finally decided on Island Drift to remind me of Tybee.

It smells so good: hints of coconut, sea salt, and summer rain. I love it. It makes a nice, rich lather and feel cool and refreshing on the skin.

No way Happy Husband gets to share this! It's all mine!

The bar is HUGE! Three inches by three inches and one inch thick! It should last me until September. I wish my camera took better photos... *sigh*  It's a really pretty soap bar.

The Soap Club makes their soaps the old-fashioned way by cold-pressing.  Each soap is handmade, stirred, cut, and packaged. Great care is taken to ensure that each soap recipe contains the right amount of essential oils and fragrances.  This is what separates a 'good' soap from a great soap: quality and care.

Soap Club offers 73 Fragrances as well as soaps designed to appeal to men.  And some just for the ladies!

You may purchase the soap on the Soap Club website.

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Star light said...

This sounds like really great soap. I love that they put so much time and thought into what goes into it!