Saturday, July 4, 2015

Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder Review #brillantecoffeegrinders

CAN I ADJUST THE GRIND SIZE AND IS IT CONSISTENT? - Yes, the grinder adjusts quickly and easily to grind for multiple brewing methods such as: espresso, pour over, french press/plunger, percolator or Turkish. You'll be able to get a consistent grind quality that will improve the taste of your coffee.

HOW FAST DOES IT GRIND? - That depends on the person grinding (of course!) however you can expect to grind about 38 grams of coffee to pour over level fineness in 1 min 20 sec. Stated by approximate volume that is about 6 tablespoons of whole beans ground in 1 min 20 sec (enough to serve 2 people)

IS IT LOUD? - No, it's really quite tame. You'll find it MUCH quieter than grinding with an electric grinder and it's even better than some of the other popular manual grinders.

IS IT HARD TO CRANK? - Actually it's pretty easy. The grinder is slim for easy gripping and the crank handle is long enough to give you good leverage for a smooth and easy grind. Some of the difficulty depends on your coffee beans but the grinder does it's part to make things go smoothly.

WILL I LOVE IT? - You love your coffee which means...your coffee grinder should make you happy as well. If it doesn't or you have some problem don't worry since we back your purchase with great no-quibble, customer service because we're serious about making sure you're pleased.
I started buying whole bean coffee a while back and love to use a grinder to get the deepest, richest flavour from them.

Every grinder offers subtle differences and this one, I've found, is most suited to creating the perfect grind for Espresso, Turkish, and French Press coffees.

The Brillante Coffee Grinder is tall (7 1/2 inches) light-weight (9 ounces), and completely portable! I much prefer this grinder for travel as there is no glass to break and just a few parts that are easily put together and taken apart.

The hand-crank is long enough to give you good leverage when grinding.  The blades cut the beans evenly.

The body is stainless steel, won't corrode or rust, and cleans up quickly and easily.

There are several settings available from very fine to large thus ensuring that you will always be able to get exactly the grind and taste that you want.

You may purchase the Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder at

I received the Brillante Manual Coffee Grinder in order to facilitate this review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item.

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