Thursday, May 7, 2015

Immortalitea White Mulberry Loose-leaf Herbal Tea Review

Over the past couple of years I've developed quite a fondness for tea.  Cold or hot, its a very refreshing and often very relaxing drink. There are many varieties from which to choose.

A couple of weeks ago, I was blessed to receive a bag of  White Mulberry Tea to review.  

Now, I LOVE mulberries! I eat them right off of the tree whenever I can find them.  I knew this tea would be a real treat!

This is a whole-leaf tea and you can really tell the difference when you're brewing it.  The aroma is just intoxicating.  The deep colour of the tea leaves is revealed and it's so lovely and green.

 Is that not just beautiful?  I wish I could tell you how good it smells.

The flavour is bright and just a touch sweet. I used just a bit of honey to sweeten mine. White Mulberry Tea is naturally delicately sweet, so you will not need very much of any sweetener that you choose.

It is also caffeine-free.  That means you can sip on it without worry of becoming jittery or sleepless. In fact, I find the White Mulberry Tea to be very calming and relaxing -- that, for me, is the main purpose of the cup of hot tea I treasure at eventide.

I truly appreciate this premium-grade tea.  I like the re-sealable bag that houses the tea, too.  It keeps the leaves fresh.

I must tell you that I have experienced a noticeable difference in my blood-sugar readings since I began drinking this tea. They are considerably lower than just three weeks ago.  I like that!

I also want you to know that this tea may be a bit weaker than you normally drink.  So just follow the instructions on the bag for a stronger brew.

You may purchase White Mulberry Tea on for the low price of just $17.50 for 3.35 ounces (100 grams).

I received a bag of White Mulberry Tea for the purpose of this review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item.

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Mom Knows Best said...

This sounds like a great tea. I like my tea weak and caffine free