Monday, April 13, 2015

#KidStarter: Cool Hands-On Science Courses for Kids

I invite you to check out a wonderful new project called #KidStarter: Cool Science Courses for Kids!  This is an IndieGOGO, 100% privately funded initiative that encourages hands-on learning for kids!

Kids are naturally curious -- they love to build things -- and love to take them apart, too! .
Educators and parents MUST encourage kids to create things. It how kids learn!

#KidStarter is passionate about inspiring kids to explore through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) at an early age. Through interactive, instructor-led workshops, kids build an entire product from scratch and are introduced to DIY concepts, problem-solving, and teamwork. Most of all, it is a fun and safe environment where children feel comfortable to expose their inner geek.

I know this to be true. As a former educator, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits of hands-on learning experiences. Children do not forget the things that have created with their own imagination and hands.  This is a tool that will last a lifetime.

I encourage you to visit #KidStarter and learn more about their educational program.  

You can visit their IndieGOGO page at

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