Saturday, March 21, 2015

Help Seniors Regain Self-Assurance with Quality Incontinence Products

If you are the caregiver for an aging senior, you most likely want to stay up-to-date on all the personal hygiene products that could be of great use to them. Personal hygiene is a big issue for elderly individuals. Most seniors start to feel self-conscious when having to deal with a leaky bladder. However, there are things that can be done to help the senior regain their confidence and go back to enjoying do the things they once loved.

My situation was a bit different. My Pop became incontinent after a major stroke. Although he wasn’t totally debilitated, he just had no control over his bladder or bowels. An adult diaper was our only solution. This took place back in 1989 when there was little available in the form of adult protection. He was very embarrassed by his condition (he was 87) and he felt humiliated when it was time to change him.

Determine what the best incontinence care product is for the senior.

Seniors who have trouble with light leakage might prefer using an absorbent liner that fits perfect inside the underwear. Some seniors do not know that these products are available and may feel uncomfortable purchasing the product on their own.

This particular issue has affected my Mother, now 71. She doesn’t like to ask for help in choosing incontinence pads or liners. She will make a fast grab at whatever is available without choosing a product best suited to her needs. She, too, feels embarrassed at the checkout counter.

However, times have advanced and most of the incontinent products can be purchased online through a reliable source such as Comfort Plus Online, Inc.. The products will be delivered in discreet packaging right to the seniors or caregivers front door.

People who struggle with moderate to heavy leaks might want to utilize adult diapers. Adult diapers have come a long way over the years and now provide better absorbent and odor protection. These diapers can be worn during the night and depending upon the seniors needs may only need to be changed a few times during the night.

Adult Diapers were a great help when my grandfather was ill. They allowed him to sleep (and us to sleep) through the night. They kept his sheets and his night clothes clean which also took a lot of extra work off of our hands.

Briefs are great for the senior who is constantly on the go and have no intentions of slowing down. The briefs are light-weight and easy to carry around discreetly. The briefs can be worn just like underwear but with the added protection needed to protect against leaks. Most seniors love the feeling of briefs because they fit comfortable and have added elastic around the legs for protection.

My Mother has tried and worn the briefs several times. She loves the fact that they are more like regular underwear. She doesn’t have to worry about leaks or noticeable bulges. I believe this improves not only her quality of life but directly affects her mood and her outlook on life. I want my Mom to feel normal, happy, and content. And YES, the right products can help her achieve those things.

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Thanks for the information. This is good to know as so many of us have parents who are getting older.