Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#MarcosFreshSpinach Fresh Pizza from Marcos! Review

This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Niche Parent and Conference and Marco’s Pizza. All opinions expressed in herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item(s).

I was given the opportunity to visit our local Marco's Pizza in Savannah and try their new Spinach Pizza.  

Oh, how I looked forward to pizza night!  I L*O*V*E Spinach! It's so rare to find spinach used as an ingredient / topping for pizza, but it IS a brilliant addition.  For picky eaters, it's a great way to sneak another veggie in for the kids! 

We tried the amazing new fresh Chicken Florentine and the Spinach Cheese Pizzas -- YUMMY!

The above photo is our fresh, hot Spinach Cheese Pizza.  Nice, medium-thick crust. Melted cheese that pulls into long strings when you slice it... heaven!  Sweet spinach and a thick, slightly spicy red sauce! It didn't take us long to finish it off.  We all agreed -- it's fantastic.  This was Mike's favourite -- hands down.  

Then we all shared a few slices of the utterly delicious Chicken Florentine! 

Look at that! We started eating the Chicken Florentine before we took a picture! Eager and greedy we were!

This is my favourite: Fresh sliced tomatoes, red onions, spinach, feta cheese, sliced grilled chicken, and Parmesan Garlic white sauce.  It is pizza perfection.  My Mom and Mary (my MIL) liked this one best as well.  Nice Chewy crust (we call them pizza bones!) that we save for last and dip in marinara sauce.

We had a great time.   The atmosphere is casual, the staff attentive and informative.  Marco's is a great place for Date Night or Family Night!  There are so many varieties of pizza, chicken dippers, subs, and salads.  Something for everyone to enjoy!

Remember, to grow up big and strong, ALWAYS eat your #MarcosFreshSpinach!

To learn more about Marco's, just visit their website: http://bit.ly/FreshSpn  

You can connect with Marco's Pizza on their Social Media Pages:
Marcos Pizza on Facebook@marcospizzacorp on Twitter, and #marcospizza on Pinterest

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