Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Giveaways should always be fun! Follow these simple rules and we'll keep it that way!

1. Please read ALL of the instructions. There are few, but very important. Not following these instructions could cost you the win. 

2. Leave Links (URL) when asked, please. It's necessary to confirm some entry requirements. 

3. Please don't click "enter" on an entry that you did NOT complete. I do consider that cheating and I will discard your entries. 

4. If you choose the Technorati or ALEXA entries, Leave your name, the time, and date of your review. I can and I do verify. This blog's reputation and statistics affect the prizes I am able to offer my readers. Positive reviews, comments, boosts, and votes mean larger readership and more opportunities. This benefits you! 

5. Be sure to leave pertinent, relevant comments on both Review AND Giveaway posts! I'm interested in your opinion on reviews and need the feedback on the giveaways! Your feedback means everything to me! (Comments such as "I want to win" or "Great giveaway" don't count") 

6. Please don't cheat. ALL entries by those who cheat will be discarded.

I will never ask you to "LIKE" dozens of Facebook or Twitter pages. I will likely ask you to "LIKE" or "FOLLOW" the Giveaway Sponsor's pages. But that is always an option, not a mandatory entry.

Periodically, I may ask you to "LIKE" or Follow another blogger. If I do so, there will be good reason and it will not be more than one and it will not be often.

I am partnered with my daughter's blog, Once Upon A Product Review. I won't ask you to "Like" her FB page or follow her on Twitter unless she's hosting a giveaway at that time.

I'd love for you to follow me on Pinterest -- but you may follow as many or as few pin boards as you like! You aren't required to follow all of my Pin Boards! (Just one to meet the entry requirement, if you choose the Pinterest entry option!)
If there is a specific product you'd like to see reviewed and/or given away here, please do not hesitate to contact me. Like you, I am always eager to discover and experience new items!

Please, occasionally click on our Sponsor Links! They support blogger efforts and we want to support them.

See? Simple and easy!  I thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, support, and time!  I hope to continue to serve you by bringing reviews and giveaways of the best products in the world!


1 comment:

tannawings said...

I am glad you do verify- and thank you for doing so. Most of us who enter contests spend valuable time completing entries and those who follow the rules get very discouraged when we know rules aren't being followed.
I am to the point I am far more loyal to blogs who may take more time to announce winners but are making it a fair playing field than those who don't.
So thank you again, it is a pleasure to follow you.