Saturday, September 29, 2012


This is NOT a post I ever wanted to write.  Not ever.  Yet, here I am.

I put a lot of time, energy, effort, and even love into my reviews and giveaways.  I do this because I really enjoy it and, I believe, I'm good at it.

So it pains me no end when people try to take advantage of that energy and effort.

In the previous announced winners list, I tossed out TWO entrants because they flat-out lied on the Rafflecopter Entry Form.

One entrant claimed to have written an ALEXA review for me -- I checked, she had not.  She didn't leave her name on the "review" and there was no time that matched her claim, either.  Therefore, ALL of her entries were discarded.

The second claimed she followed on Pinterest.  I checked.  She didn't.   Entries discarded.

There is a reason that bloggers make these entries OPTIONAL -- if you want to do them, hey, that's great! If not, please don't say that you did.

I am seriously dumbfounded and disappointed when people cheat.  It cheats me and it cheats you.

When cheaters win -- we all lose.  Eventually, these cheats will force us to stop hosting giveaways.  That's a shame.



Sandra VanHoey said...

I'm glad you do verify and find it very sad people try to cheat to win. It only takes a minute or second to do as asked of you or skip to next question. I know one thing though, I go into Pinterest now with ever blog just to make sure I'm still following. I have really followed blogs and for some reason, go back in to check and it shows they are not followed. I even make sure I follow all their board so not sure what is up with that but people should click to make certain they are following. Like I said, takes very little time and worth the effort. Thanks for making your blog special and for taking the time to make sure it's run fair. Just not fair to the rest of us who really do try.
Sandy VanHoey

Pinky Sade said...

I'm glad you verify and it sucks when people cheat. However, there are times when I accidentally click "done" and then realize I wasn't a FB fan. Sometimes I wish rafflecopter had an "undo" button.

Terri Patillo said...

@Pinky Sade: You can click rafflecopter's EDIT button to re-do your submission! I've had to do it many times!

tannawings said...

I am also glad you verify.. as someone who follows and enters a lot of blog contests I actually want to follow those bloggers who regularly toss cheats.
Like Sandy above, I am always double checking.. especially with my email entries because silly rafflecopter uses facebook and sometimes it isnt the same.
Thank you for taking the time to double check entries- and I hope you catch them all- the entering part takes time too!