Saturday, September 29, 2012

Elizabeth and Michelle: Women Who Shine!

Everyone knows a woman who shines her light upon the world.  I do!  In fact, I know two very special young women who shine.  My daughters, Elizabeth (aka Lizz) and Michelle.

Michelle is my oldest, my step-daughter.  Well, legally, that is.  Emotionally, spiritually, she's mine in my heart and soul as if I gave birth to her.  That's okay with her Mother -- because she feels the same about Lizz!

Michelle was born with Spina Bifida, a neural-tube defect.  It should've stopped her in her tracks.  But no one told Michelle.  It hasn't even slowed her down!  Won't be able to walk? She was cruising the furniture at the SB clinic before she was a year old.  Won't be able to run? Ride a bike? Drive a car? Think again.

There is nothing she can't do.  Some people, including the clinic, labeled her as 'cured'.   For Michelle, even though she's had several operations, and walks with a slight limp, Spina Bifida is not an issue.  She doesn't "live" with it -- she out-runs it.  It will never catch her... she's just too quick!

Elizabeth is my youngest daughter.  Most of you know her as Lizz (or Morgan).  She's the activist in the family.  Her causes are many and diverse.  She's always been very vocal, very out-spoken.

When she was a little girl, she dressed up as an Angel and delivered Beanie Baby Bears (with the Hearts) to Heart patients at a local hospital, and as a Ladybug to deliver Beanie Babies to the Children's Hospital at Christmas.  She gathered pencils, crayons, puzzle and colouring books to take to the Ronald McDonald  House in Savannah.

These two young women amaze me daily.  Smart, kind, involved -- all of the things for which every parent dreams and prays.

We've been blessed.

I nominated my girls for Yahoo's Women Who Shine program.  You can nominate someone you admire, too!  There are many categories to choose from: Survivor, Acitvist, Athlete, Mom, Teacher, and more!

If my daughters' stories inspire you, please take a moment to vote for them!

My daughters:  Michelle and Elizabeth

Thank you!


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