Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Purex Triple-Action Laundry Detergent

I've recently been using the new Free and Clear Triple-Action Laundry Detergent from Purex.

I'm impressed. And trust me, it takes a LOT to impress me! Mike's work clothes get dirty (think mud, muck, and mire) and, well, smelly.

I chose to try the Purex Triple-Action Free and Clear. Mike's skin is so dry and sensitive (just like our daughter, Lizz) that many detergents leave him itching and burning.  He just doesn't need (or want) perfumes or dyes in his laundry detergent. Fancy, frilly fragrances don't appeal to him (unless I'm wearing them!) and dyes mean nothing to him.

From the website:
Purex Free and Clear detergent delivers the same great clean as regular Ultra Purex detergent, but contains no perfumes or dyes. Our special formula is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and ideal for sensitive skin.

It's true. Mike has had no reaction from this detergent at all. Believe me -- that's a strong recommendation!

This new and improved Triple Action
formula delivers even better on Purex’s promise to leave your clothes bright, white, and clean, and as always, for half the price of the leading brand!
Over the past year our R and D scientists have been working hard to create an even better Purex formula.
And not just a better formula, but one that will continue to deliver the value that Purex
stands for. We’re mindful of our consumers’ pocketbooks, and we’re committed to bringing them a great product at a great value.
The new Purex Triple Action formula is just that. It’s an even better clean, for half the price of the leading brand.
New Purex Triple Action leverages the best parts of our current formula, combined with new additions, to deliver great cleaning plus improved brightening power.

Coming soon (early 2012), will be back up and running, offering Purex enthusiasts an opportunity to get their own free sample of this new formula.

You can connect with Purex on their website, @Purex on Twitter, on Facebook, and on their YouTube Channel!

I am a Purex Insider. I received a sample of Purex Triple-Action Detergent to faciliate this review. I received no other form of compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my use of and experience with the item.

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