Friday, September 23, 2011

Staying Safe -- Sabre Red Review & Giveaway -- Ends 10/6/11

Unfortunately, the world is no longer a safe place to live. Crime is everywhere and people have to be cautious and take every precaution to remain safe from harm.

I worry about my daughter.  She's off at University and I can't be there every minute to protect her.

When given the opportunity to review a few self-protection products from Sabre Red -- I jumped at the chance.

I received two canisters of Pepper Spray and an amazing door alarm.

The Gate-Keeper Door Alarm is perfect for my daughter's apartment. Even though she lives on the second floor in a good area, I worry about her. This small but effective alarm makes me feel so much better.

Home invasions occur every 14.5 seconds in the USA. A new trend is developing internationally as intruders rob you while you sleep and leave with your former possessions by means of your automobile. GATEKEEPER takes you out of R.E.M. and into action. The piercing 120 decibel siren will likely startle and deter the intruder while waking you. Its door wedge design blocks inward opening doors giving you precious time to reach for your SABRE pepper spray. Small, practical and easy to use GATEKEEPER lets you rest easy until it’s time to take action!

•120 decibel door alarm
•Door wedge helps to block inward opening doors
•Non skid bottom

I love the fact that this alarm is not dependent on electricity. No wires that may be cut or risk of lights going out and leaving you unprotected.

I also received a canister of NBCF Pink Pepper Spray -- this went straight to Lizz as well!

*Support the National Breast Cancer Foundation! SABRE will make a donation to the NBCF for every PINK PEPPER SPRAY unit sold through As seen in 'O' - The Oprah Magazine!  SABRE Red partners with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)

The Quick Release with detachable keychain allows immediate access to your defense spray when unlocking a door or driving an automobile. The most popular SABRE style, the PINK PEPPER SPRAY Quick Release, is a powerful 0.54 oz container delivering a ballistic stream which reduces wind blow-back about 10 feet. Approximately 25 shots are contained in the compact canister. 

•Help fight breast cancer
•Sabre Red Formula - Maximum strength pepper spray
•Detachable keyring with quick release
•.54 oz Key Ring
•Projects 10 Feet
•Ballistic Stream Delivery - Reduces Wind Blow-Back
•Contains Approximately 25 Shots

I am truly pleased that Lizz has this pepper spray device. It does make me feel better. I pray she never, ever has need of it -- but it will be there if she does.

I received a canister of Pepper spray for myself, too.

The compact Key Ring Maximum Strength Pepper Spray with UV Marking Dye

The KEY RING provides security in a simple compact canister with key chain attachment. The small, yet powerful 0.54 oz KEY RING delivers a ballistic stream which reduces wind blow-back about 10 feet. Approximately 25 shots are contained in the compact canister.

•.54 oz Key Ring
•Projects 10 Feet
•Ballistic Stream Delivery - Reduces Wind Blow-Back
•Contains Approximately 25 Shots

Each spray came with a non-harmful practice canister. I like that -- practice makes one comfortable with holding and aiming the spray.

One of the most important things I learned about
Sabre Red is their promotion and sponsorship of the SABRE College Safety Program:

Teach the students
*how to discourage threats
*how to protect yourself at a safe distance
*how to use personal safety sprays responsibly and effectively
*how to escape an attacker

Presentation is specifically tailored to address student life on campus, especially female freshmen
*The tone of the presentation is youthful and engaging, yet serious in order to effectively reach the students
*The presentation begins with 1 hour of classroom-setting instruction and ends with 1 hour of interactive, hands-on training drills

The students receive three inert canisters in their kits with which they will practice spraying during the hands on drills. However, the use of pepper spray is not the focus of the class. Our hope is to teach students how to live on campus without ever having to use pepper spray. Should the students choose to purchase one, our goal is to teach them how to effectively use it and when they are justified to use it.

I encourage anyone with college-aged children to ask for this program at their local schools.

The wonderful folks at Sabre Red are concerned for your safety and have offered one reader a chance to own the NBCF Pink Pepper Spray Key Chain Model with a practice canister.** That is a $14.00 Value!

**State laws prohibit us from shipping this pepper spray model to AK, HI, MA, or NY.

Just follow the directions below for to enter.


Disclosure: I received three products from Sabre Red for the purpose of review. I was under no obligation to write this review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with these items.


Missy L said...

I learned that a donation to the NBCF is made for each pink pepper spray unit sold through

Penny Kathleen said...

I learned that "SABRE's, Advanced 3-in-1 Formulation, contains Red Pepper, CS Military Tear Gas and an Ultraviolet Marking Dye to aid in suspect identification."

pkbw28 at gmail dot com

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

they have a bear attack detergent

vmkids3 at msn dot com

carole said...

the pepper spray has a 15 ft range

Paula L. said...

A donation to the NBCF is made for each pink pepper spray unit sold through
jandplee at

Nancy said...

I learned that you should aim for the eyes and spray ear to ear across the eyes for best results.

Gerri said...

I learned SEC has trained over 3,000 law enforcement instructors how to teach their recruits and in-service officers to use pepper spray.


redhead said...

I learned that the pepper spray has a 15 ft range.

Cindy said...

I learned that Pepper Gel increases safety with its 15 foot range.
Dove056 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

they make charible donations for each pink can sold
Thanks so much!! Janna Johnson janna@feedyourpig on gfc

Kitty said...

I like the 120,000 Volts Stun Gun with belt clip, wrist strap, and 2 year warranty Model #: S-120S and am seriously considering buying one.

CherylS22 said...

I learned that that the product provides "Protection Against Multiple Threats – SABRE Key Chains contain 25 bursts!"

Lynda Del said...

I learned that their products are test fired & checked for leakage before leaving the factory.
lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

"most Sabre Red’s pepper sprays contain a marking dye that shows up under UV light, making it easy for police to identify attackers after they have been incapacitated." *Thanks* for the giveaway!

deb126 said...

I learned that they also have a runner pepper spray that has a adjustable hand strap so you have protection at your finger tips and its easy to carry and use

Thanks for the great giveaway

Michele P. said...

I learned that you need to aim for the eyes and spray ear to ear across the eyes for best results

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Aisling said...

I learned that one of the Top 10 Reasons to Buy Sabre is: "35 year track record - Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975!" (That made me chuckle!) mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

wilma2389 said...

I learned the Pepper Spray has a range of 15 feet.

kbruson said...

what I learned is that there are so many different kinds of pepper sprays! Even a Bear Deterrent!

Jen H said...

I learned Sabre brand has been around since 1975

pinkveganmiso said...

I learned that bear spray can reach 35 feet


Amanda said...

I learned that the pepper spray has a range of 15 feet

tina reynolds said...

I like they have been doing it for 35 years and offer a variety of products including bear repellent

Anonymous said...

I learned that even the smallest SABRE key chain products spray ten (10) feet and contain 3x's more bursts to provide protection against multiple threats if need be.

tiffany.hoyt said...

I went to the website and learned that they have pepper spray for bears! I think I would just run. :)

susansmoaks said...

i learned they have bear attack deterrent
susansmoaks at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I learned that they have pepper spray for bears. I don't think I would bother, but I guess it would be better than playing dead.
cheap4kids at yahoo dot com

Charlene Kuser said...

I learned you should aim for the eyes and spray ear to ear across the eyes for best results with the pepper