Friday, September 30, 2011

B & D Burgers -- Savannah, GA -- Review

I've been wanting to eat at B and D Burgers again for quite a while.

The last time was a couple of years ago and I was anxious to see what was new.

The atmosphere is very inviting and, even though it was right at lunch time, there was plenty of room for everyone.

There were three of us in the party -- me, Mike, and Mom.

We started out with an order of the Fried Pickles. They came fresh from the fryer -- hot, crisp, and still slightly juicy inside. These are beer-battered pickle chips and we asked for ranch sauce for dipping.
Each basket comes with about 15 chips -- perfect for three people (or one extremely hungry Mike).

The Deep-fried Pickles were excellent. Just tart enough to make your mouth water for more.

For lunch, Mike had The Moon River. This Angus burger is topped with Provolone Cheese and Sauteed Mushrooms. Mike ordered his medium rare. The burger was nicely seared on the outside and still very pink on the inside -- just like he likes it!
The burgers come in three weights: 1/3, 1/2, and 1 pound. Mike behaved himself and ordered the 1/3 pound burger. It's a LARGE burger -- big enough to satisfy.

I ordered the Chicken Finger Basket. They don't look like "fingers". They look like chicken breasts sliced in two pieces -- they are HUGE. Lightly battered and fried, they are so juicy. I found them to be very tasty just as they are and I ended up not needing the Bleu Cheese dressing at all.

My Mom ordered the The Broughton -- 1/3 pound of Angus beef topped with American Cheese. Mom added tomatoes and lettuce to hers. She likes her beef well-done. It was seared on the outside, fully-cooked, but still juicy in the middle. She gave it her full approval.

Both Mike and Mom agreed that the buns were a perfect compliment to the burgers.

If there was any 'disappointment' in the meal -- it was the rather bland fries. They were a touch greasy and a bit 'limp' and under-seasoned. This is the deep South... we expect lots of FLAVOUR and some crunch to our potatoes! Time to kick it up a little.

All in all, it was well worth the money. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the wait staff was very attentive, and the food was fantastic. We WILL be back.

When you're in Savannah, and you want a real Savannah Food experience, I highly recommend B and D Burgers.

You can download their menu here.  Connect with B and D Burgers on their Facebook Fan Page

DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid or sponsored review. We paid for our meal and this review was not solicitated by B and D Burgers. The opinions expressed herein are our own and based on our experience at the restaurant.

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