Thursday, August 25, 2011

Precise Portions -- Review & Giveaway -- Ends 9/5/11

I was a fairly thin kid and young adult. In fact, at age 29, I weighed 135 pounds. (I'm 5'3).

That's definitely NOT the case now. A combination of things led to a tremendous weight gain: stress, grief, eating for comfort. By the time I realized it... I was over 200 pounds and climbing.

Over the past two years, I've lost about 70 pounds, put most back on, then started losing again. I stillhave more to lose.

My biggest problem? Portion control. I eat too much -- even though I try not to do so.

When I discovered the amazing Precise Portions dinnerware, I knew I wanted to try it!

I was blessed to receive the FOCUS Portion Control Dinnerware Set to review.

Centered on diabetes, glucose and weight management, FOCUS portion control takes the stress out of healthy eating. It's simple - just stay within the lines! This is not your father's portion control plate... you've got style.

What's in the box?

Package contains one complete portion control place setting.

•1 FOCUS plate
•1 cereal/fruit bowl
•1 drinking glass
•5 daily menu planning guides (placemats)
•1 coaster
•1 Quick Start Guide to Eating Healthy (16 page booklet)
• FREE GIFT: 1 4oz portion control ladle

It's... perfect. That's my most heart-felt reaction to this set. It's perfect.

It takes the guess work out of portion control. Just build your meal according to the labels on the plate -- it's simple, it's easy, and it works!

Precise Portions chip-resistant plates and bowls are made from beautiful porcelain china. A flowing graphic design outlines recommended portions of vegetables, grains, starch, meats and beans. FOCUS functions without compromising good looks, so you don't have to worry if company drops in - they'll never know the difference!

These plates and bowls are well known for their brilliant color, translucency, strength and design. Porcelain china is beautiful - you won't find any plastic here! This is portion control dinnerware that you can proudly display.

Precise Portions' bowls boast a classic - but contemporary - design and can be used for soups, salads, cereals and so on - anything you wouldn't put on a plate. You'll be able to easily monitor your eating habits with ½ cup, 1C and 1½ C measurements clearly marked inside the bowl (it's your secret).

Now you've got an easy way to control beverage portions, too: Precise Portions lets you discretely measure 4oz and 8oz of fluid, putting you in full control. Liquid calories can't sneak up on you anymore! Like all Precise Portions products, these glasses are attractively designed to complement the rest of your dinnerware collection.

If you're interested in healthy eating and weight management, Precise Portions FOCUS dinnerware is for you. Designed by licensed dietitians to help control blood sugar, blood pressure and metabolism, FOCUS is great for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle. With nutritional guidelines integrated right into the design of our portion control plates, bowls and glasses, you've always got the best practices for healthy eating at a glance - no matter what you'd like to eat today!

The first time I used the plate -- I could not believe how much I'd over-estimated the amount of food I needed. It was an eye-opening moment of discovery. No wonder I'm not losing as much weight as I should (and could) be losing. My portions were distorted. I was eating too much starch and protein and not enough non-starchy vegetables.

Needless to say, I've had to re-think my food choices. Thankfully, with the FOCUS Portion Control Dinnerware Set -- I can see at a glance that my portions and choices are spot-on!

I love the Portion Control Bowl too. I make a lot of crockpot meals: soups, beans and ham, spaghetti and sauce, beef stew, chicken and rice, and chili.
Not to mention the salads, cereals, and desserts that require a bowl!
Having a bowl with the measurements inside is brilliant! And no one knows but me!

The FOCUS Portion Control Dinnerware Set also comes with a 10 oz Portion Control Glass that will help you attain your goal of 80 oz of water per day and a Portion Control Scooper/Server that makes ladling out the proper amount a breeze!

When you purchase the FOCUS Portion Control Place Setting you'll also receive helpful dietary management worksheets.

These double-sided planners offer a visual, easy to understand portion control guide to help you judge the best way to lay your meals out. On the reverse, there's a daily menu planning worksheet. It's completely customizable for your unique diet, too. The guide actually doubles as a placemat for convenience - FOCUS really is a complete portion control system for the whole family!

Your doctor or nutritionist will get a great picture of what you're doing if you bring these planning tools with you for your next appointment. That way, they'll be able to offer you helpful and specific tips on how to improve your weight management/glucose control strategy. While the placemat is technically disposable, it's printed on high-quality paper stock to ensure ease of use. Order a replacement pack of placemats to track your portions daily for best results.

There's more - you'll receive our "Quick Start Guide to Healthy Eating" with each order. This 16-page booklet shares valuable tips on vegetable servings, meat portions, suggested snacks and more, plus there's a new bonus section with 7 "free" food and beverage choices!

The Precise Portions website offers so much information for the person(s) who need assistance in losing (or maintaining) weight.

There are learning tools, calculators, quizzes, questions, and answers.

There is even a page with healthy, tasty recipes!

Ed and Ann Marie Stephens, the creators and founders of Precise Portions are real people. They have been touched by Diabetes. They know and understand the importance of watching your weight and eating the correct portions of healthy food.   It was seeing their own family members struggling with the daily challenges of Diabetes that made them determined to help.

It is a blessing that they have shared their knowledge and their dinnerware with us!

It's already helping me and I know it will help you, too.

Please watch the following video to see Precise Portions in action:

Play Video: Why Precise Portions? from Rob Collins on Vimeo.

I urge you to connect with Precise Portions on their Blog, on Facebook, and @PrecisePortions on Twitter.

Precise Portions has generously offered one of my readers the chance to own a FOCUS Portion Control Setting for One (ARV: $65.00)

Just follow the directions below for your chance to enter to win!

*Contest open to USA only, please
Contest will end on Monday, September 5th, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.*


LissaL said...

They are the 1st, dietitian-designed, porcelain portion control dinnerware system.

They ship internationally

leapnlissa at yahoo dot com

Pat said...

They have portion control placemats.
They have a 30 day-100% satisfaction guarantee.
pkildow at gmail dot com

JMyers666 said...

There is a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they ship internationally.

janel dot myers at yahoo dot com

JMyers666 said...

The Portion Control Setting would be great because I was an obese child (170 pounds, less than 5 ft.) but have worked hard to fix my issues. I am now 115 pounds and 5'2" which I try to maintain the best I can. I have had to diet for most of my life, and this product just makes portion control easier.

janel dot myers at yahoo dot com

Kayla said...

I learned that the plates are microwave safe. How awesome is that?? I also learned that they have a blog where they post health-conscious eating tips. I love how healthy the company is.

Kayla said...

I'd love to try this set because I'm trying to lose weight. I'm currently sticking to pre-packaged foods only because it's harder to control portions with regular food. I'm down 40 pounds, though, and I'd love this set to make it easier to get down my final 40 pounds to hit my goal!

Liza767 said...

have healthy recipes and tools

Michelle said...

I learned that you can also find healthy recipe in the precise portions website such as healthy breakfast cookies, and I also learned that portion control can help you reduce your sugar intake.

Michelle said...

I wold love a portion control setting to help me loose weight

Sweeter the berry said...

Healthy Diet and Healthy Eating

The secret of healthy diet and healthy eating is eating the right food, adding color and variety to the meal, cooking lean, cooking fresh, eating in moderation, good hydration and adding exercise to your daily routine.

Stephanie said...

I love that they are chip resistant, I hate when my pltes get child in them. I love the idea of the placemats too.

I have lost 45 pounds in the last three Years but was down 55 but gained some back. Still right at 200 & want to reach my goal by my 30th day in May.
shuttermom77 (at) gmail (dot) com

s8r8l33 said...

I learned that the plates are microwave safe. There is a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.
s8r8l33 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I learned that they are microwave safe, which I love, and that they have a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Anonymous said...

I think these could be helpful in developing healthy eating habits.

Raven In A Blue Room said...

The founders are Ed and Ann Marie Stephens.
They have a section for Pregnancy and Weight Management

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

Heather! said...

I learned that this is the FIRST dietician-designed porcelain system for portion control! They also have a really cool 'Play with the Plate' game that helps teach about portion control and how much of each category of food we should have with each meal. It's fun and interesting!

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

Heather! said...

I am trying to lose weight right now...about forty pounds, ideally. I think portion control is one of my two biggest problems (the other is my tendency to want to eat late at night).

h4schaffer at gmail dot com

~dab said...

I learned the Principles of Healthy Eating

and “90% of all human diseases originate from the stomach”

~dab said...

I'm losing weight but I struggle with portion control.

Donna said...

they are microwave safe and have a 30 day guarantee.

Donna said...

I am trying to lose weight, so it would help.

Tammy said...

you can get a free e-book, and they have a 100% guarantee on their products

Diana R. said...

Love that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - and that the set was designed by a dietician!

e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

Nikki Field said...

I learned the the USDA recommends 2 servings of non-starchy and starchy veggies veggies per meal. I also learned that these are microwave safe - which is a HUGE plus as I'm always reheating!

Nikki Field said...

I need these to help with weight loss and general portion control. You are right about being too generous with the food on our plates. It's not always easy to remember portion sizes, or to learn them in the first place. These are a great tool to at least get you to start eating right!

Nancy said...

Here's what I learned:
On their web site they have these sections:

-All About Veggies
-Healthy Recipes
-Weight management Webinars
-A free e-book available and they have a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

KellyMistry said...

portion control reduces sugar intake and they are microwave safe

mistry dot kelly at yahoo dot com

KellyMistry said...

After my daughter was born I have gained alot of weight. I am heavier than I've ever been. I plan to diet but I have found that my big problem is portion control. This would help greatly with my dieting!!

mistry dot kelly at yahoo dot com

c allen said...

They have a 30 day-100% satisfaction guarantee clallen at ntin dot net