Monday, August 29, 2011

Bleach Safe Kitchen Towels: Review & Discount Code!

You should have seen my old Kitchen Towels. No, on second thought, you really shouldn't have seen those towels! They were just hideous.
I have to replace them every few months because I bleach them so often.

I was cruising along the 'net long ago and found an ad for Bleach Safe towels. Really? Coloured towels that are safe to bleach? No way -- that's gotta be a scam.

NO SCAM! These towels ARE safe for chlorine bleach!

Who knew that the kitchen is the “germiest” place in anyone’s home, even more than the bathroom? We are constantly told how to handle meat to avoid getting sick. There are solutions for how to clean sponges. BUT until now no one has had any good advice when it comes to kitchen towels. Switching to paper towels might solve some problems but they can never replace the kitchen towels you use for almost everything, from grabbing a hot pot handle to wiping down the counter tops. Now you can rest assured that you can effectively clean your BleachSafe® kitchen towels in extremely hot water or with Clorox or any kind of chlorine bleach, ridding your towels of all germs and bacteria without ruining the color of the towels. BleachSafe® towels are fade resistant, impervious to bleach, durable and absorbent. They make a great accessory to any home!
BleachSafe® towels are:
*Absorbent & dry quickly
*Double stitched to prevent fraying
*30% thicker than economy towels
*Bleach safe

The folks at Bleach Safe sent me two of their fabulous Kitchen Towels for testing and review.

Needless to say, I tossed the old towels and put the new ones to use right away.

I love them. They're the perfect size: 16 inches x 27 inches. They are very absorbent and very stylish. I received the Taupe with Black Dots and the Taupe towels.

I did rather dread the day when I had to wash them. I wanted to cheat and not use the bleach -- but -- that's my job -- to put each product I use to the test.

So, into the washer with my trusty laundry detergeant and my bleach. I really was expecting my laundry to be a nice shade of tan and my new kitchen towels to be splotchy.

NOPE! My whites were WHITE and my amazing Bleach Safe Kitchen Towels were Taupe and Taupe with Black Dots! Just like they were before I washed them!

I am very pleased to tell you that 5% of all Bleach Safe Kitchen Towels proceeds are donated to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

I'm a devoted convert now. I can't wait to order my new full-sized towels! :)

BleachSafe® is a new revolutionary technology that protects 100% cotton fabrics from the harshest of chemicals-rendering the fabric colors fade-resistant and impervious to all bleaches and peroxides.
BleachSafe® extends the look and the life of all products treated with it, making it possible to easily wash out stains, germs and odors without fading the color.
BleachSafe® will last the lifetime of the product and will not hinder the absorbency or change the feel of fabric.
With BleachSafe®, businesses such as salons, spas, gyms, and restaurants can now accessorize with colored towels knowing that they can easily wash out stains and germs without damaging their towels and their investment.
Suggested washing instructions:
Remove tough stains or germs by washing towels in very hot water or in cool water with chlorine bleach.

Our customers agree that if you're going to use towels, bleach them, and use them often, that BleachSafe® towels are the way to go.
How to bleach towels by BleachSafe®:
When using any bleach, follow the instructions given by the bleach manufacturer.

*** When washing with chlorine bleach, please be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

The generous folks at Bleach Safe have offered my readers a FABULOUS Discount:
When you purchase 4 or more Kitchen Towels, you'll receive a 50% Discount with this code: kt728. This code is good for two weeks! You can't beat this!

You can connect with the great folks at Bleach Safe on their website and on their Social Media pages:
Facebook and @BleachsafeTowel on Twitter!

DISCLOSURE: I received two Bleach Safe Kitchen Towels for the purpose of review. I received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the items.

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Dee@CWM said...

I just bleached my kitchen towels today and funny that I come across this post. If I could bleach all my colored towels I would definitely do so.

This sounds like a great product and worth looking more into. Thanks for sharing.