Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vermont Country Store: A Review

I absolutely LOVE the Vermont Country Store.
It has... everything! Toys, apparel, food, candy, healthcare products, housewares... you name it, you can find it!

I have spent hours searching through all of the marvelous items in their on-line catalogue. You will, too! Trust me -- it's fascinating.

Mike (Review Daddy) and I were blessed to receive the wonderful Vermont Maple Buttons for our review. We gobbled... uhm... ate them with tall glasses of milk and enjoyed each and every cookie! The Maple Buttons are sweet with a touch of maple-flavour, but they aren't overly sweet. They are crunchy and really brought back memories of sitting on my Nanie's front porch swing on a later summer afternoon.
It's nice when a food can bring to mind happy times.

The Vermont Maple Buttons contain:
No Hydrogenated oils, No Trans Fats, No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives.

From the website:
Our crunchy and delicious Cookie Buttons are 100% all-natural with absolutely no corn syrup and zero trans fat. Long-time Orton family specialties, they are fabulously flavorful and low in sugar. In fact, ten cookies only have approx. 120 calories! A virtuous and wholesome treat for the entire family. Approx. 60 cookies per 6 oz. box.

•100% all-natural
•Low in calories
•Low in sugar
•Purely Maple, Chocolaty Chocolate, Spicy Cinnamon, Snappy Ginger, Zesty Lemon, Peanut Butter, Double Vanilla
•Set of 3 boxes; choose any 3 flavors

Another thing that so fascinates and intrigues me is the number of nostalgic items they carry at the Vermont Country Store!

Did you know, the carry Camay Soap? Oh, that's a real blast from my past -- it was the soap my Mother and Grandmother used!

They also have Gee, your hair smells terrific shampoo, Beeman's Chewing gum, Walnettos, Bay Rum Aftershave, even the famous Chop-o-matic!

So, sit down with a tall glass of sweet iced tea and spend an hour or two cruising through the Vermont Country Store on-line shop -- you will not regret it!

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