Tuesday, August 31, 2010

REVIEW: The EUREKA Pet Expert Vacuum

We have cats. Right now, we're down to three: POOF! (Flame-Point Siamese), Greybaby (Half-Angora, half-tabby), and their lovely daughter, Abby Kitty. Ask me if they shed...

Add to the shedding the fact that I suffer an allergy to pet dander.

So, I was so happy (and relieved) when asked to review the new Eureka Pet Expert Vacuum Cleaner!

The Eureka pet Expert vacuum features the new Hair Raiser for Pets tool, an innovative cleaning brush that removes pet hair from upholstery and fabric. The Hair Raiser first removes hair from unwanted areas and then the hair is cleaned from the brush when it is moved in and out of its holster on the vacuum.

In addition, the vacuum also features an odor absorbing charcoal filter with HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of embedded hair, dander and other odor and allergy-causing debris.

When we removed the vacuum from the box -- Liz squealed in delight. The Vacuum is... purple! I knew I'd have a fight on my hands -- so we decided to share it!

The vacuum is so easy to use and it works so well. The stuff we pulled up from the carpets was amazing -- and the way it sucked up the cat hair was a marvel. One of the very best things is that there is no "burning" odor like so many vacuums emit.

The vacuum is a bit loud -- as most vacuums are. That's no problem at all. It works -- works quite well -- and that's what really counts!

Liz took the vacuum with her to University and will have it for a couple of weeks until it's my turn again. (Shared custody of a vacuum -- ain't it great?) She and her boyfriend got together and made a video for me. I thought you might like to see the Pet Expert in action!

From the Website: FEATURES

•Hair Raiser™ for Pets is a self-cleaning brush that can be used independently from the vacuum in three easy steps: First, Hair Raiser grabs pet hair in hard-to-reach places; then, the brush is cleaned on-board the vacuum when the user moves it in and out of the holster to loosen the pet hair. Finally, with a flip of the vacuum switch, the collected pet hair is whisked away into the dust cup.

•The newest Eureka vacuum geared toward pet owners, Pet Expert lends a helping paw to those tackling pesky pet hair with two Eureka-exclusive tools: a PET Power Paw® that loosens and grabs pet hair from stairs and carpets, and the innovative Hair Raiser for Pets tool.

•Pet Expert also features Whirlwind Cyclonic Technology. Cyclonic Technology maintains suction power longer and separates pet hair from fine dust, resulting in less maintenance (when compared to noncyclonic vacuums having dirt cup filters). A flip-bottom dust cup helps to keep fine, allergy-causing pet dander away from the user while emptying.

•A HEPA filter with odor-absorbing charcoal captures 99.97 percent of dust and allergens.

We are very happy with the Eureka Pet Expert Vacuum. It does everything (and more) that it claims! We've certainly noticed a difference on carpets and furniture! It's a quality product and we highly recommend it for those with pets. You won't be disappointed.
NOTE: You can find the EUREKA PET EXPERT at your nearest TARGET!

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