Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ORLY Nail Lacquer: Review

A few weeks ago, Liz and I were delighted to receive Nail Lacquer from Orly Beauty!

We received three scrumptious colours from Orly's BLOOM Collection: Blushing Bud, Wild Wisteria, and Thorned Rose.

OHMIGOSH! They are so gorgeous -- deep, rich colour and so smooth. Liz and I fell in love immediately.
Oh, yeah... it's manicure night for sure!

I threw a curveball and chose the deep pink Blushing Bud for my manicure. Surprise! I usually go for the very dark nail lacquers. The colour is amazing. It looked so good on my darker skin tone (it was Liz that inherited the Scots-Irish Peaches & Cream complexion!).

I decided to keep it on until it began to chip off. 8 Days. 8 DAYS! That's when I noticed the first chip! That's just... unheard of!
I washed dishes... showered... scrubbed pots... cleaned... and the Orly Nail Lacquer held up like a champ!

I can't say that everyone will have that same result -- but I'm satisfied with my results!

Liz chose the Wild Wisteria -- her passion for all things Purple is legendary. It looked good on her, too! She only wore it for about 4 days, however, as Prom Night called for a French Manicure. She was very happy with it, however!

Orly has well over 100 colours to choose from in the line of Nail Lacquers. Each one more beautiful than the last!

Orly cares deeply for it's customers and seeks to provide products that are not only beautiful but safe as well. That's why Orly's comprehensive line of products are free of DBP, toluene, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin.

One thing I must mention is the bottle itself! I love it!
It features Orly's award-winning Gripper Cap™, a patented, rubberized cap that provides ease of opening, flawless performance, and is exclusive to ORLY products.

For simply stunning Nail Lacquers -- you can't go wrong with Orly!

DISCLOSURE: We received three bottles of Nail Lacquer for the purpose of review. We were under no obligation to review these items. We received no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed herein are own and based on our own use and experience with the items.

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