Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trying out the treadmill / October Goals!

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I've been walking on the treadmill -- WOW! -- that's not as easy as it looks but it's a great workout!

Since yesterday was so rainy -- the treadmill allowed me to get my mile in. I think this is going to work out just fabulously!

I just have to keep my cats off of it!

I realized today that I never posted any October goals.

So... without further ado...


Treadmill: 3X per week / 15 minutes per session
Walking: 7X per week / mile
Rebounder: 3X per week / 15 minutes per session
Veggies / fruits: 3X per day
Strength Training: 3X per week


RunToTheFinish said...

yeahh thanks for stopping by and the link!! i love making small weekly goals, they help me so much to stay focused

MissyM said...

Those are good goals. Wayne has talked about buying a treadmill, but I am still hesitant. It would be great for rainy days. Keep up all your good work!

Emma said...

Those look like great goals to have for this month. My main goal at the moment is drinking a lot more water. And congrats on the 60lb!