Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Wednesday Ramblings...

First of all, the Mad Scientists at Fab Fatties are sponsoring a... giveaway... of sorts! ;0 You could win one of Dr. Shannon's creations!
Check it out here on the TREADMILL post!

I can't wait to what magical invention is coming out of their laboratory now!

BIGGEST LOSER: II am not impressed by what I've seen so far. In fact, I'm thisclose to just switching back to NCIS and leaving BL behind.
I am also wondering if the producers haven't rigged this season's shows.
Not every reality show needs an "evil" persona to drive it. The damn show is supposed to be about weight loss -- not the damn stupid drama and "good vs. bad" contestants.

Tracey shouldn't be there -- they sent home someone who needed help and kept a whiny, seemingly oblivious game-player?

Sickening. *rant off*

It's raining. Pouring, actually, and my arthritis is making the day unpleasant physically. Cold weather is also approaching, but I love the winter so I'm happy about that!

I've stayed on track -- off and on -- this week! ;)

I've had a couple of off meals. It happens and I'm not going to stress over it.

I'm off to stitch -- I started back stitching a few days ago and am almost finished with "No Hearth" a Celtic pattern I found last year.
I have really missed stitching, but needed to focus on getting healthy and losing weight. I think I can fit the needlework back into my life now.

So, have a lovely day, see you soon!


Tina said...

I said I was breaking up with BL and instead we recorded it and fast forwarded through all the crying. My husband said the same thing about Tracey being a plant on the show!

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing as Tina - I can watch the show in about 45 minutes then! :D

Mama Bear June said...

NCIS is definitely my choice! It's quite good this season. But I'm a sucker for Gibbs! ;-)
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