Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Non-Scale Victories!

I have a couple more NSV (Non-Scale Victories) to report today.

I keep a couple of pairs of shoes just for winter use -- and by golly -- they're too big!
Yes, too big as in too loose! I suppose I never thought that too much weight could / would fatten your feet. I thought I'd just grown another shoe size... nope... it was just fat padding my foot!
Now, I get another couple pair of shoes. Also, I no longer have any winter shirts. 62 pounds ago (last January), I never really got cold. I stayed warm from my own padding.
Well, I'm getting cold now and found that the sweaters I had don't fit -- too big.
Same for the few long-sleeved shirts I owned. I'm going shopping on my birthday. I have GOT to get some new clothes! Otherwise, I will FREEZE this winter! (Yea, me!)

And one more NSV -- I put my college ring away several years ago as it was WAY too small. A couple months ago, I tried it on and found it would fit my pinkie finger. Good start and I've been wearing it off and on. Today, on the way to Mass, I had to leave it in the truck -- it's way too big for my pinkie now.
Not quite big enough for my ring finger but definitely not far off. So... my day has started off well -- even if I am going to have to "make do" for winter clothes for another couple of weeks.
The drawback, of course, is that I really don't want to buy too many clothes right now as I'm still losing weight and inches.

That's a sacrifice I am utterly delighted to make! I'm about to head out on my first walk of the day. I hope to get in a couple of miles today -- it's bright and sunny and cool right now. Later, however, it's going to get really cold with a low in the 30s.

I was born on a late October afternoon and Fall and Winter are when I really feel the most "alive" -- I tend to shut down and hibernate in the summer! I'm hoping my weight loss and new outlook will change that somewhat. I'd like to actually appreciate and enjoy the summertime. LOL!

I weigh in tomorrow -- again, I'm not sure what to expect from it. I know full well I had a couple of mis-spent meals. But I won't fret or stress.
I FEEL the changes -- I KNOW I can make this happen.
No worries.
Have a great Sunday afternoon and best of success to all who are weighing-in on Monday (and all this week)!


The Road Curves Ahead said...

I used to keep my heat turned way down because I never got cold... since losing 50 pounds I am always turning the heat up. :-)

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I too noticed a huge difference in my perception of temperature. John and I used to both love the house ice cold, but now I have to live in a fleece even in the summer!!

Congratulations on all the NSV's. I love those almost as much as the weight loss.

Thanks for the nice thoughts about my children with the swine flu. So far 5 of the 7 got it. I'm hoping and praying the other 2 are spared.

Allison said...

fantastic NSV's! Loose rings are a wonderful feeling :)

Christine said...

BIG congrats on those victories!!! Enjoy the Birthday shopping trip coming up! You have come so far. Hope you had a good walk Sunday.

I had to put my wedding ring away last month. It kept falling off and getting lost!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

Wow congrats on all those NSVs!!! Shopping for new clothes is soooo much fun :> :> Enjoy!!