Sunday, October 25, 2009

Busy day ahead... and another giveaway coming soon!

We've got a very busy day ahead of us: Morgan's 1st rehearsal for Nutcracker this afternoon and after that, a mad dash to Wilmington Island for the Coastal Scottish Heritage Society's annual Oyster Roast!

I love roasted oysters but also know to limit myself to about 1 cup -- maybe, 10 oysters? I can do that. Just have to remember to bring Texas Pete Hot Sauce with me!

This past week, I've been trying the LUNA Bars. OHMIGOSH!!!
They are so good!
I rather imagined they'd taste like the protein bars of old -- you know, cardboard?
I'll review them tomorrow and also offer a giveaway! Stay tuned!

I got out my trusty calculator yesterday and made a couple of interesting discoveries.
When I first began my weight loss / lifestyle journey, I weighed 298 pounds. To weigh 135, I needed to lose a total of 163 pounds!
I don't think I believed then that I could lose any of it.
But, as of today, I've lost 62 pounds.

Here's where my trusty calculator comes into play. Half of 163 pounds is 81.5 pounds. I need to lose just 19.5 to be halfway thru to my goal.

I'm already past the 54.4 pounds I needed to be at 1/3 of my goal.

I am really making very good (and very steady) progress! What an amazing feeling!

I listed my goals on the sidebar to your right. One must endeavour to be accountable!

Since I didn't get to mow the lawn yesterday and won't get to do it today, tomorrow's the time to go for it. It'll be the last time until April.
I don't mind mowing the lawn -- it gets me outside, it's good exercise (I have a push mower -- I don't like riding lawnmowers!) and burns lots of calories!

Don't forget to get your entry into my Cross Stitch contest -- I'll announce a winner on Hallowe'en!


jo said...

It's great fun to get the calculator out and see how great we're doing! Congrats on your wonderful loss so far, and to your future losses and goal! =)

Coffespaz said...

Its fun to actually crunch the numbers isn't it...I find that its a good booster when I have one of those down days and I am feeling that I'm not making progress!!

REALLY GOOD - Keep going!!