Thursday, October 1, 2009


So, I've left the 240s... FINALLY!

This is me wearing a shirt that was considerably tighter last summer and the new size 16 pants! The very last holdout size 20 pants are safely washed, folded, and awaiting transport to the thrift store.
I think I got those just about mid-June, too!

I am up late tonight because it's been a harried week -- and I've little time for the internet.

I mowed half of my front lawn this evening and I'll finish it off tomorrow while Mike's in the field. It's so gorgeous in South Georgia right now -- our high today topped off at 79 delicious degrees! Tomorrow promises to be equally lovely.

I've got my fingers crossed for this weekend -- Mike and I may go up to Atlanta for a Braves game (they lost tonight -- I am SO mad!). I've been wanting to see Turner Field but just never got the chance.
Hopefully, we'll go.

I really have to try to go and get some sleep. As it is, I'm supposed to be up and moving at 7:00 a.m. Somehow... I don't see that happening!

Night, y'all!


carla said...

visualizing you being up and MOVING at 7a.

you can do it.
you can do it.



Christine said...

Congrats on size 16! I am too. I should get those 20's folded and out of the closet . . . you're on top of things! ♥