Friday, September 4, 2009

Zero Again!

I weighed-in this morning and there is no movement on the scale. Very frustraing so I waited for my Doctor and spoke to him for a few minutes.
I explained my situation and he told me something that made a lot of sense to me.
Stress, he told me, is the silent nemesis to weight loss.
I've been stressed for several weeks and am just now feeling like that stress is easing up. Stressing over my weight (and this plateau) just makes it worse.

It's hard not to fret -- I was losing steadily -- then nothing. Just pulling zero after zero. After I talked with Dr. Jack, I calmed down and took a good look at myself.
I'm 58 pounds lighter... and as of yesterday, 3 inches smaller. I'm not gaining -- I'm holding steady.
That in itself is a very good thing!

So, I will not fret and worry. I'll just keep working at it and take it as it comes.
The weather is getting cooler -- the humidity is low right now -- and I am enjoying walking.

Deep breaths... clear mind... no worries...

Life is good.


jo said...

Stress is very powerful indeed.

Look at the plateau as practice for maintenance. You know you can maintain! That is the ultimate goal, really, and the hardest part.

The scale will move again. It just sucks when it doesn't.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Mama Bear June said...

Yeah, the cortisol is the stinker related to stress.

I finally got off my plateau by following The Flat Belly Diet, which is a healthy eating lifestyle that is not a fad diet, but can be done for life. (My idiot senile doctor told me I needed to give up carbs if I wanted to lose weight. That's when I gave up on getting good advice from him. Thankfully, he's now retired.)
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