Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Measure of time

I measured myself (well, okay, Mike did the measuring!) last night.
I've lost 3 inches since July! YIPPEE! Three inches?
In the waist, thighs, and chest! I'll take it!

Even though the scale hasn't moved in 4 weeks, I'm toning. That's a good thing. I'm hoping this past week will serve to kickstart the scales, too.

I've managed to keep to the lower end of my calorie plan. I've upped my water intake, lowered my sodium. I've also started back with my Fibre Choice tablets. They do make a difference.

I'm ready to take a walk around the neighbourhood -- it's absolutely gorgeous outside. It's 78 degrees right now (it's 12:30 p.m.) and there is a lovely breeze blowing. I'm going to do 2 laps around for 2 miles.

There is something about Fall -- it energizes me. Fall, Winter, Spring -- those are the months that keep me going. I am not a Summer person... it just shuts me down. I guess it's the heat and humidity that does me in.

I already have dinner in the crock pot -- Navy beans and smoked ham. Lots of fibre and protein!

See y'all soon and don't forget that today is the LAST day of the Fab Fatties Cruisin' Crazy Challenge -- be there or be square!


Fat[free]Me said...

Sounds like you must be toning up well - sometimes the scales hover for a while and then drop a lot. They are mean like that!

Well done on losing all those inches - yay!

jo said...

Congrats!!! That's a fantastic victory! If I had the guts, I'd throw the scale away and only go by the tape measure...but I have no guts. I couldn't even measure mhy waist at my highest weight because that number scared me more than the weight.

Good going!!!