Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Changes! Always a good thing -- well, almost always!

I cleaned out my closets, cedar chest, and dresser drawers and found a lot of clothes that I'd put away last fall. I can't over the number of things that I found that are way too big for me now. Some of those things were too small last year. Amazing.

One big shock was my grey Clan MacDuff t-shirt. It's HUGE -- I'll be using it as a sleep shirt. It's way too big for me now. Gosh, that's so nice to say.

I can really see those changes now. I am so very thankful that I finally woke up and began to change my life.

A trip to the thrift store to make a donation is in the works for this afternoon.

I want to review a product for you: SAHALE SNACKS. I read about them at Spark People and wanted to give them a try.
I found them at Publix in Savannah and bought the Valdosta Pecans -- Pecans, Sweet Cranberries, Black Pepper, and Orange Zest.

One serving = 1/4 cup for 130 calories.

These are absolutely fantastic! The pecans are not too sweet and not bitter at all, the cranberries provide a sweet off-set to the black pepper. I didn't really taste much of the Orange zest, though. These could easily be chopped up a bit and sprinkled over a plain salad to give it some extra 'zip'!

I paid $3.98 for a 5 oz. bag. There are 5 servings per bag.

I'll definitely buy these again. Next time, I'm buying the Cashew-Pomegranate! Check them out for yourself -- you won't be disappointed.


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