Monday, September 21, 2009


You'll notice I've added two more tickers to the main page of this blog. One ticker (on the top of the page) logs in Miles Walked -- with a goal of 100 miles.
The ticker at the bottom of the page logs in Hours spent exercising.

Today, I spent 2 hours mowing the lawn (push mower) and burned a total of 1080 calories. I haven't done my mile walk around the neighbourhood yet, either! (Although, I have walked one mile in total today).

Yea, me!

This plateau has stressed me out -- but it's a plateau of my own making. I wasn't moving enough. I wasn't burning enough calories per day / week to add up to a loss of weight.

Time to change that and get myself in high gear.

I'm hoping that keeping a log of my time spent exercising will motivate me. Same with the miles walked log.

You know, this FEELS so right: my muscles are a bit sore and I'm tired. A good tired.

I still have one side of the yard to finish tomorrow as well as the back yard. That'll burn some calories.

I guess after that, I get to tackle our Library. Oh. Joy. ;0
Lifting and packing hardback books is so much fun!

Hey! I haven't jumped on the mini-tramp yet, either! That's another + in the calories burned column!

I'll have to do that after the Chorus Boosters meeting, though. I can't miss that as it's my DD's last year of Chorus before she starts College.
How did she talk me into volunteering this time?

I hope your evening is wonderful and your weigh-in is a positive!


The Road Curves Ahead said...

I like the idea of adding a ticker to count miles... I might try that at my blog. Cool!

Emma said...

The ticker ideas are great. Accountability has helped me a lot in times past but I've needed it to be the right time too. I hope the tickers work for you!

jo said...

I like your new ticker!

This post made me tired just reading! lol Good job on all your activity!