Saturday, July 11, 2009

No more *X* Sizes for me!!!

This morning... I was looking for my jeans and found the size 16/18 jeans that my Mom bought but never wore.

So... in a pique of curiosity, I tried them on.
Just to see how much more I needed to lose to fit into them.


Okay, yes, they are a bit snug in the tummy.
But there was no struggle to get them on... the legs, thighs, backside
were fine.
I figure another 5 pounds and the tummy will be perfect, too!
So, the remainder of my size 1X clothes, that I wore around the house,
are off to the thrift store!

Mike has promised me a shopping trip in a week or two for a couple pairs of size 16 pants and a couple of new shirts (my shirts are getting way too big on me!).
I am so excited -- it has been YEARS since I fit into anything other than an *X* size!

To celebrate, I'm going to make my walk a two-mile jaunt this morning! :)

Thank you, dear Lord, for holding me close and giving me the strength and courage that I need to fight this battle!

It sure doesn't take a "roxie" scientist to figure out how to lose weight. It's just takes self-control, perserverance, and strength of mind and heart. :)

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Anonymous said...

congrats on breaking out of the X's! great job!