Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It seems so far away now...

Before my weight loss endeavours. I weighed 298 pounds.

This is me at 250. That was 4 pounds ago!

It seems like a dream that I was once a 135 pound woman. But it really wasn't all that long ago.
Just before I met my husband, as a matter of fact. In 1988, I weighed 135 pounds. By 1990, I weighed about 155. Manageable but still a bit overweight.
When I left the hospital after I had my daughter in 1992, I carried 174 pounds on my 5' 3" frame.
From that time until January of 2009, I just packed on the weight. I reached 298.
Now, I'm at 246. Obese, yes.
But I haven't given up. I won't give up.
I've lost a total of 52 pounds and I am still on my way.
I'm posting a "Before" photo and a "during" photo. I hope, in the not-so-off future, to post an "after" photo, too!

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