Monday, July 20, 2009

Appreciating every pound...

I lost one pound at this weigh-in. At first, I admit, I was disappointed. I thought maybe I'd lost two or three pounds.

I lost one pound. I didn't gain one pound. I didn't stay at the same weight. I LOST WEIGHT!!!

This is a very good thing -- so why should I be disappointed? I shouldn't. I will celebrate this loss and take pride in it!

I've lost 54 pounds since January... and hope to lose about 30 more by December 31.

I just have to keep to my meal plans and devote more time and energy to exercise. I have a tendency to blame my lack of activity on the heat and humidity. I shouldn't use that as an excuse.

I have to keep moving... exercise is the key to success!

The photo you see above was taken yesterday. I'm wearing my new size 18 jeans! Hoping by my birthday in October, I'll be in the 16s.

Wish me luck, will you?

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Mary :: A Merry Life said...

You've lost 54 pounds already. WOW! That is fantastic!! Congrats on your journey and good luck for the rest. You will be wearing those 16s by your birthday for sure!