Friday, July 10, 2009

Another pound down! Yea, me!

I lost another pound this week! Yea, me! That makes 53 since January, 09! If I can keep losing -- just one pound per week -- I could weigh about 225 by December!

I am, however, hoping to get back to two pounds lost per week soon.

The extreme heat and then the late-afternoon rains are wreaking havoc on my walks. I really can't walk in 90+ heat and humidity and the by the time the sun is going down, we're getting late afternoon / evening rain storms.

Damned if I do -- damned if I don't.

The mini-tramp is really helping. I should have my exercise bike soon, too.

I'm on my third day of eating 5 or 6 small meals rather than 3 larger meals and this is working out well so far. I find that I'm not getting hungry between meals, I tend to not want so much food, and I'm actually even sleeping better!

By 11:00 p.m. I was ready for bed! I could barely keep my eyes open enough to finish watching those dumb Braves of mine get whipped by the Rockies.

I've got my Pedometer hooked to my belt loop and I've been walking about this house this morning... oh, and of course, I wore it to my weigh-in!

I'm making spaghetti this evening for dinner. I bought the Barilla Whole Grain pasta , Lean Ground Round, and Ragu Sauce. I'll pair that with French Style Green beans. Makes a nice, low-cal, low-fat meal.

This morning, I strayed from my usual Cheerios and 2% Milk breakfast and opted for a Yoplait fat-free Key Lime Yogurt and a Quaker Fiber bar.

Sometimes, you just have to mix things up! LOL!

Ah, well. Time to go do some chores (Laundry, Dishes, Kitchen...). Sounds like fun, eh?

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