Friday, June 19, 2009

I met my first goal!

I wanted to weigh in at 250 pounds by July 1st -- I met that goal today with 11 days to spare! YIPPEE!

Now, I've re-set my short-term goal to 245 pounds by July 31st.

Mike put together the mini-trampoline for me a couple nights ago. Boy... that is some workout on your leg and calf muscles! I really like it, though!

Walking has been a hit-and-miss proposition this past week. Between the rain and the oppressive heat, I haven't walked nearly as much as I'd wanted.

Today, it's supposed to be at 100 degrees, 103 tomorrow, and 101 on Sunday. I can't function in that kind of heat -- I'm just too padded with fat to be comfortable (or safe). I long for Fall.

This is a short, but very happy, update.

I hope your week has gone well and pray that you've met all of your goals!

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