Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yesterday was a wonderful stress-free day.

Mike put an exercise bike on lay-away for me. It's the ProForm XP Whirlwind 280 -- we got it at Sears. It was the ONLY model on the floor that had the movable handles that allow for both an upper and lower body workout.

I also bought a Fitness / Workout Journal at Barnes and Noble:
I Will Get Fit This Time by Alex A. Lluch. I'm hoping this Workout Journal will help me as much as the Nutrition Journal has done.

Mike has also promised me a mini-trampoline. We both tried it out yesterday and it was just too cool -- a lot of fun and a lot of ways to get your motor running!

Today, Mike and I are going to a cookout in Savannah with some friends.
I'm taking along my Boca Burgers (No, I'm not a vegetarian but I love these veggie burgers!) and my thin, whole wheat buns. Just to be on the safe side of the calorie scale today.

I'm looking forward to another relaxing day.

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