Wednesday, December 7, 2016

#NOVICA Review and $35 GC Giveaway! Ends 12/16/16

Did you grow up with a subscription to National Geographic? Did you eagerly watch the TV specials? Do you subscribe to NatGeo on Cable?

I did and I do now!

I discovered NOVICA just a few years ago.  Novica is a global market place in associated with National Geographic. It's endeavor is to Empower. Connect. Preserve. 

That they most certainly do! The artisans supported by Novica come from many different regions of the world: The Andes, Bali, Java, India, Mexico, Thailand, West Africa, and Central America.

The items created by these artisans are amazing. From Jewelry to Fashion to Sculpture and more, every piece is crafted with love and skill.

I was blessed to receive this stunningly beautiful Cultured Pearl and Amethyst Necklace with Cross Pendant handmade from India. It retails for $43.19
Five radiant pearls adorn this amethyst cross pendant designed by Neeru Goel.

An artist story card comes with the pendant, so you will know the real person behind the item that you purchased. You may even follow that artist through your Novica account!

Hi! My name is Neeru Goel and I was born on September 19, 1960. I spent most of my childhood in Kolkata, a metropolis in West Bengal. Collecting jewelry and gemstones has been my passion ever since childhood. I have been greatly inspired by my grandmother who used to look into each and every detail, from how jewelry is made to what had been used to make the jewelry. I remember when I was just a child, my grandmother used to watch nomads walking on the roads and admire them for wearing huge and fancy jewelry. 
I recently started designing sculptures in silver with Meenakari art. This was suggested by a friend, who by looking at my designing skills thought I could also make a mark in sculpting. I am overwhelmed at this new experience, and I am looking forward to continuing on this new artistic path. 

Novica offers so many options for buy personal and gift items: unique corporate gifts, Decor Accessories, and more.

I am saving up for a birthstone ring for myself.  Are these Opal Rings not amazing? This one is my favourite:

You already know that I'm addicted to Bangles and Bracelets and there are so many beautiful choices. Like chips, you MUST buy more than one!

Now, my second addiction is Handbags. This leather bag just calls for me to bring it home.  It is hand-tooled Mexican leather!

There is something for everyone at Novica.  You rest assured that the money you spend will help the artisans and craftsmen who design and create these awesome pieces of art.

You may connect with NOVICA on their website and Social Media pages:
Facebook, Pinterest,  Google+,  Instagram, and @NOVICA on Twitter!

The wonderful folks at Novica have generously offered one of my readers the chance to win a $35 Gift Code of their own!

Just follow the instructions below for your chance to enter and win! Remember, the more options that you enter, the better your chances!

Open to USA, 18+.  Gift Code will be delivered by email.

DISCLOSURE: I received a Gift Certificate to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation. The opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with the item.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#BBRHB Thanksgiving Brooklyn Bean Roastery #Giveaway! Ends 11/25/16


Ready for a Thanksgiving #Giveaway? Me, too! Answer this question and you may win a 24 ct. box of Brooklyn Bean Roastery *GINGERBREAD MAN* Coffee!

This Thanksgiving I am so thankful for my family They are everything to me and light my life!

Tell me ONE thing that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving! Leave a comment below! 

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck!

Contest ends on November 25th, 2016.

*** ENTRY RULES: If you are an Honorary Brooklynite, Blogger or affiliated with Two Rivers Coffee for any type of reviews, you are not eligible to enter contests. Only one entry per person.
Open to USA Only (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii), 18 years and over, to be eligible to win.
Only one prize per household, per 90-day period.***

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Snake Bite Company Review and Giveaway

I'm sure you all know by now that Happy Husband is a Land Surveyor here in Georgia.  His "walking tool kit" can be found on his belt.  He carries a knife, a machete, key chain, utility tool, and more.

One essential item is a bottle opener.  The one he did carry was not very sturdy.  Made of aluminum, it served a single purpose. It was needed and he kept it close. Until it broke and he bought a new one.  And again and again.

Recently, I was contacted by the Snake Bite Company and asked if I would like to review their products.  Of course, I jumped at the chance!

All of the products offered by Snake Bite are 100% Made in the USA.   We appreciate that!

Snake Bite Company offers several products: The Original Snake Bite Keychain and Bottle Opener,  The Snake Hook Brass Ring Key Loop, The Snake Bite Brand Shirt, and more!

Happy Husband, as you can imagine was thrilled with the key loop, key chain, and bottle opener!  (I kept the coozie for myself!).   He immediately added it to his work belt.  He said it would make life easier for him when he's in the field.  

We both loved the leather cover for the bottle opener.  Serves to protect the blades and body from rust and dulling.  The brass key loop is very strong and will take a lot of hard use and stress.

We are so excited to tell our readers about these great products.  Whether you're a hiker, camper, tailgater, or just like to have multi-purpose tools for your kitchen, playroom, or car, you can't go wrong with Snake Bite!

You can connect with Snake Bite Company on their website and social media pages: FacebookInstagramPinterestYoutubeGoogle+, and @snakebitecousa on Twitter.

The wonderful folks at Snake Bite have offered my readers a chance to win one of their amazing bottle opener keychains!

Just follow the instructions for your chance to enter to win!

DISCLAIMER:  I received products from the Snake Bite Company for the purpose of this review. I received no monetary compensation.

All opinions are my own and based on my own use of and experience with these items.

Monday, September 26, 2016


We have a winner of the VIVE Health $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

VIVE $50 Gift Card

Entries: 389
This giveaway has ended.
James R. is the winner!
By submitting an entry to this giveaway you agree to the following Terms & Conditions: 
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Congratulations to James R.  I've emailed you.

Thank you to everyone that participated!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

VIVE Health Review and Giveaway -- Ends 9/23/2016

I haven't posted here in a while -- I injured myself badly about a month ago.  Just moments after leaving my doctor's office, I took a few steps out of his door... and heard a POP! and felt a horrifying crunch as my knee gave way.

I ripped my MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament).  I've never felt anything like it in my life.  Giving birth didn't hurt that much.

I wore a 'soft' knee brace for a few days but it didn't help much.  However, after speaking with the folks at VIVE Health, they very generously sent my their knee brace.  What a difference!

The Vive Universal Knee Brace is the best brace I have ever found.  It's strong and sturdy.  Fully adjustable to fit comfortably and offer maximum support.   My legs are short and round, so the ability to adjust the brace is very important.  I am able to wear the brace over long  jeans and under shorts -- very versatile support.

The brace is an open-patella design which keeps the knee stable and keeps the brace from slipping.   The neoprene is lightweight, breathable and helps cushion the knee to keep it from further injury.

This is a brace that I highly recommend.  I wear it daily and will ALWAYS keep it close.  I know all to well now that once the MCL is damaged, it's easy to re-injure it.  I also know I have another two months (at least) of wearing a brace.  I'm just glad to know that I have a brace I can rely on to protect my knee and keep it stable.

And that, my friends, is just the first issue that's kept my away.  I am experiencing issues with my right (dominant) hand.  The doctor says I may be developing "Trigger Finger".   I already have arthritis in that hand.  So...   Vive Health directed me to their Arthritis Compression Gloves.

Not only are they beautifully crafted, but they really work!  They are snug, but not too tight.  The compression technology acts like a massage: soothes and warms fingers, hands, and wrists.  The gloves also increases blood circulation.

For someone who is at the early stage of finger damage, these gloves make a tremendous difference.  I am having fewer instances of my finger "locking" into a bent position.  I can't tell you what a relief that is to me. 

The open-finger design allows the wearer to perform most tasks without a loss of dexterity.  That's very important to me as I am on the keyboard daily.  There is minimal stitching on the glove as well so no irritation!  

This is such a great pair of compression gloves.  So many different uses for them.  My youngest daughter is ALWAYS cold -- so these will help her stay much warmer this winter.  Happy Husband has requested a pair as he also suffers with arthritis and he works outside.  Warmth and soothing compression will be a blessing for him.

And last, but not least, are the Vive Toe Separators.  When I saw these, I knew they would be beneficial for my eldest daughter.  She was born with Spina Bifida and her toes are bent and inflexible.  

We're hoping that, as she uses the separators, she will gain more flexibility and ease the pain she suffers. As her toes straighten and stretch, her blood circulation will increase.  

The Toe Separators are made of an extra-soft gel for comfort and functionality.  Easy to clean, easy to store, and portable.  

I am very impressed with Vive Health and the many medical products they offer.  Their customer service is helpful, concerned, and genuinely happy to help. 

If you have a need to medical accessories, Vive Health is your one-stop shop.

You may connect with Vive Health on their website and social media pages: FacebookYouTube, and @vivehealthusa on Twitter.

Vive Health has very generously offered one of my readers a $50 Gift Card! Isn't that fantastic? Your chance to purchase an item that will give aid and comfort to you or a loved one.

Just follow the instructions below for your chance to enter to win.

***Open to USA, 18+ only.  One entry per email / household.  No PO Boxes, please.  Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 23, 2016.***

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Procrastination (COFFEE) Nation WINNER! #BBRHB

We have a winner for our #BBRHB Brooklyn Bean Roastery Giveaway!

The Winner is... Tammy W!  Congratulations, I've emailed you!

Brooklyn Beans PROCRASTINATION Giveaway #BBRHB

Entries: 450
This giveaway has ended.
Tammy W. is the winner!
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Thank you to everyone that participated!  I appreciate your continued support.

Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Procrastination (COFFEE) Nation! #BBRHB #Giveaway ends June 28, 2016

Ah, Coffee!  How I love you! I will put off thinking... speaking... hearing... moving... etc. until I've tasted your luscious, creamy, deliciousness.

You, too?

March 8-16 is National Procrastination Week -- I put off celebrating until now.  :)  To celebrate in true coffee-fiend style, I'm hosting a giveaway of some very delightful Seasonal Roasts from the always amazing Brooklyn Beans Roastery!

One lucky reader will receive a 24 ct. box of the seasonal roast of their choice:

1. CocoMocha 

2. Big Kahuna

3. Brooklyn Cheesecake

4. Praline Dream

I can tell you that ALL of them are scrumptious!!! 

Now, whatever you do -- do NOT procrastinate!  This giveaway begins today and ends on June 28, 2016.

Just a few short rules:

 ****** Rules: (Please read!) 
You are NOT eligible to win if you are affiliated with Brooklyn Bean Roastery or Two Rivers Coffee. 
If you are a blogger that does reviews for them, if you have done any reviews for them, won any giveaway from them or received a sample of their products in the last 90 days you may not enter this giveaway.****** 

I receive compensation if the form of product for my work with Brooklyn Beans. All opinions are my own and based on my own use of the products.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

JORD Wood Watch Review and Giveaway, ends 6/12/16 #jordwatch

I recently was given the opportunity to review an amazing wood watch from  Jord Wood Watches.

I chose the Red Sandalwood from the Ely Series.  It's beautiful. Photos do not do it justice.  The colour variation in the wood grain is stunning.

Isn't is lovely?  Fits like a glove, too. The wonderful folks at Jord sized it just for me! It's extremely comfortable to wear. It's light-weight and sits well on my wrist -- it doesn't slide or slip.

The scratch-resistant dial is analog: displaying hours, minutes, and seconds. The numbers are large and easy to read.  There is also a date window. 

The watch is splash-proof but NOT water-proof. Do Not Submerge!

The watch arrived in a beautiful, decorative wooden box with a slide-on lid. 

Perfect for protecting and displaying the treasured timepiece within.

I've been wearing this watch for a couple of weeks and it's fantastic.  I only take it off when I'm at the pool.  It's stylish, functional, and definitely a fashion statement! It's fits my active lifestyle and I truly feel confident when I wear it.  

I chose the style and colour for personal reasons of expression.  For me, the watch represents serenity and nature.  Jord's collection of watches offers so many choices of colour and style.  I know that you, too, will find that special timepiece that calls to your spirit.

The folks at Jord Wood Watches have generously offered one of my readers the opportunity to WIN a $75 off e-voucher good for any watch on their website and everyone who enters will receive a $20.00 e-gift card for any watch as well!

Just click this LINK to enter for your chance to win!

***The contest begins on Thursday 5/26/2016 and ends on Sunday 6/12/2016 (in time for guaranteed shipping for Father's Day).
***  The $75 voucher will expire on 7/15/2016, and the $20 e-gift cards will expire 10/15/2016.

You may connect with Jord on their social media pages: On Twitter @woodwatches_comFacebookGoogle+Vine,
Pinterest, and Instagram.

I received an Ely Series Red Sandalwood Watch for the purpose of review. I received no monetary compensation.  All opinions expressed herein are my own and based on my own use of and experience with this item.   #jordwatch